I started on a quest to better understand God and His Son, Jesus. I am not sure why. I just knew there had to be more to knowing God than simply joining a church or subscribing to a set of doctrinal points within a denomination.

The turning point for me was beginning to understand the Gospel and what it meant that Jesus spent His life, and then gave His life, for me. Everything came together when I understood there was nothing I could do to earn salvation because Jesus had done it for me. Jesus bought everlasting life for me, and for you, with His death and resurrection.  

When I understood the importance of what Jesus had done, I felt God was calling me to be a pastor. I wanted to share this incredible mystery with others. I believed, and still believe, God’s love changes lives.

I also realized church is God's idea and He intends for church to be a blessing in our lives. God made us for relationships and Christ connects us to our Father in Heaven, and to fellow believers. Church is a place to belong. If you do not have a Church home, I want to encourage you to come and visit St. Matthew Church.

God may have a plan to make you a part of His community here with us.”

Pastor Tom Sharpe